His Crowning Glory Ministry

  1 Peter  5:4

Resource Ministry

We will go beyond prayer. Once we have prayed and sought the Lord first, we can help to meet some of the immediate needs in your life. Life can be hard, and for some meeting even the basic physical needs can even be too hard to do alone sometimes. Our Resource Ministry will seek to meet the basics such as food, clothing, shelter, or even needed labor.

We can also help those harder to answer questions in life. If your needs are more of an emotional or spiritual need we also offer Biblical Counseling, educational resources, and discipleship training.

We understand that we can’t be a one stop shop for all the needs of the community, in fact we hope that we aren’t. We love being a part of the body of Christ and working together with the other parts, uplifting the others as we work together. So if your needs go past our abilities we partner with or can direct you to a vast amount of other ministries that may be able to focus on the specific need.

If you need help, or know someone who does, first pray for them or yourself, for strength that can only come from God and direction on how to handle what test life has thrown at you. Often times God allows us to be tested just to see where we will turn to first. Then contact us using the Contact Us page so we can try our best to serve you with what God has provided us.