His Crowning Glory Ministry

  1 Peter  5:4



Donald Biewer - Director

Donald is one of the original founding members of HCG Ministry in 1989. In 1982 Don moved his family from their home and business in Knoxville, IL to Evening Shade Arkansas in obedience to a call from God. His original vision to unite and support believers radiates into his selfless attitude. He has been very instrumental in the building and remodeling of several churches and organizations and has spent his life fixing whatever is broke. It is just in his character to help the broken, ultimately by leading them to Christ!

Roger Alpers - Director

Roger also followed God's call and moved his family from Galesburg, IL to Evening Shade Arkansas to fulfill the vision given to him. His attitude and character for serving and helping those in need lead him to his home in Bethesda Arkansas where he has worked for over 30 years at the Arkansas Sheriffs Boys Ranch teaching and mentoring those in need. He has endured as a solid rock for many and been a beacon of light to those in the dark, pointing towards Christ.

Don Yancey - Director

Don answered the call on his life shortly after his salvation to preach over 40 years ago. He takes his duty to share the Gospel with such conviction that he vowed that if he stopped sharing the Gospel that God should take him home. He has faithfully endured and has served various ministries and organizations. He has pastored churches in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas as well as retired from the Arkansas Department of Corrections as a Senior Chaplain for over 20 years. He was instrumental there in creating the PALS program that has been able to change the lives of thousands in the prison system.

Our Staff:

David Biewer - President

After many years of struggling with the brokenness left from the worlds view of the Church, David realized his true calling that had been there since he was a young boy. No man, no building, is the Church, Christ is the Church. In May 2011, David took his responsibility and received his calling to teach those about Christ. After graduating from Liberty University with a BS in Religion he  has been able to use his administrative God given gifts to help reorganize and restructure His Crowning Glory Ministry. He has had the privilege of travel speaking in Arkansas, Mississippi, as well as serving in Haiti. David has also served in several functions in the Church and other ministries. He has been described as a "Seeker of Truth". 

Joann Biewer - Vice President

Joann was also one of the founding members of HCG Ministry and is the wife of Donald Biewer. Her ministry focus has been of loving support. She has never hesitated to help someone in need even if it means bringing them into her own home. She has never met a stranger and spends a lot of her time on the phone counseling and listening to others. Through this she has helped many come to Christ as well as help support believers in times of need. She is in no light sense of the term a "Prayer Warrior". She will go to bat for those in need no matter the cost standing up for whats right and providing Christ like example for the world.

Candice Biewer - Secretary/Treasurer

Candice cares. It is as simple as that. She has such a caring spirit of mercy and it has shown in her ministry. The wife of David Biewer, she too has served in several functions in the Church and other ministries. She graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with her BS in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. She has worked for the Department of Human Services as a child maltreatment and foster care worker. She has also worked for a pediatric day clinic for behavioral issues as well as a mental health para professional for various firms. All of these assignments has brought her to one resounding theme, a new generation of people without Christ that pass on to their children a broken spiritual home. Specializing in children's services she has shown such love and care to each of them in her efforts to restore their mental health but also show them the ultimate cure, Jesus.