His Crowning Glory Ministry

  1 Peter  5:4

Our Mission

It is hereby the mission of His Crowning Glory Ministry, Inc. to strengthen the Church community through prayer, discipleship, and evangelism by reaching out to the lost, strengthening believers, and providing for those in need by sharing the Love of Christ.

We believe that God has called us to be good shepherds of His flock and upon His return we shall receive the unfading crown of glory. It is our duty to care for and expand His flock. We are to be willing, eager, servants, who lead by example. There are those who are called  to lead in the Church but God has called us all to lead others to Christ. We are to share and be good stewards of His Word.

The core in these beliefs is that we find value in everyone. God's Love is never ending, merciful, ever reaching, all powerful, filled with grace, and unbiased. So should we hope to have that "Agape" Love. In His flock he takes the lost lamb and restores it to the herd. No one is to sinful, too poor, too rich, too needy. We have no class system, no social status, we have no comfortable social circles. We fit in everywhere. Our job is transcend all man made boundaries. Our enemy is harshness, hardheartedness, merciless ideology and a judgemental thought process. Romans 6:23 says, "ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God." We seek to Love people in God's way as His greatest commandment is to Love one another....