His Crowning Glory Ministry

  1 Peter  5:4

A Look at Where We Have Been to See Where We are Going....

March 2018
Hallelujah!!! We LOVE Farming! Our favorite time of course would be reaping what is sown. We welcomed one of our disciples to Gods Kingdom this month, just in time for the launch of our new community groups! Come be a part of this movement! Don't wait any longer lets surrender together! Use the contact us page if your interested in joining one of our groups! For more info on our community groups visit our community groups page under the What We Do tab.

January/February 2018
Just as we finished 2017 with a bang we realized that just because the year was over does not mean we get a break! Turns out people still need to be fed, physically and spiritually. But that's okay with us, in fact we LOVE it! Five more families in need were reached and provided for by Gods grace. It would seem with the rampant illness, house fires, and losing loved ones to tragic accidents, that the world itself was on fire. No problem because we are on fire too, for Christ that is! God bless Grace Country Church in Sidney AR, for providing some much needed food supplies and to everyone who has chipped in.

December 2017

What a way to cap off another great year! God is moving folks and this was no different. This year over 20 families received a box containing over 2,000 individual meals to feed the 80 plus people in those families! For those of you who helped we greatly appreciate! See you next year!

November 2017

Thanksgiving Box delivery was a wonderful blessing. We were able to meet some wonderful people and share God's Love with more families than we ever have to date. Hopefully it keeps growing! We handed out boxes to 12 families this year totally over 60 people! And from those we gained even more names for Christmas! Our Goal is to do more than hand out boxes a couple times per year. We want to engage the families, get to know them, start and grow a relationship with them. If your interested in helping out. Please visit the get involved page to find out more!

October 31, 2017
The City of Evening Shade hosted a Halloween Street Party, allowing towns folk and business to set up booths. HCG's booth this year doubled the amount of Bibles and candy that we handed out last year. 50 Bibles and over 200 bags of candy were handed out to kids and adults. Many more contacts were made and our Ministry visibility has increased with the public.

September 2017
The City of Evening Shade hosted a Fall Festival for the town allowing Vendors to set up on main street. HCG's Booth sold homemade candles to help support the Ministry but also handed out Bibles and networked with the towns folk. Live music, parade, street dance, games by the Fire Department, and even a pie raffle. Great day to share God's Word and so much fun!