His Crowning Glory Ministry

  1 Peter  5:4

Evangelism and Prayer Ministry

Our Evangelism and Prayer Ministry is the backbone of our operations. We want to do more than simply pray for you or share the gospel once with you. We want to build a friendship with you!

Ultimately, Evangelism is the primary pillar of any Christian Ministry effort as dictated by the Great Commission and it's no different with HCG Ministry. We seek to engage the community directly and use any opportunity to serve, pray, talk, or listen to share our faith. Our goal is to live the Word not just read it. 

We want to pray through life with you! The Prayer Ministry will also support the other ministry efforts of HCG by creating a foundation of prayer. We must learn to have continuous and effective communication with our Lord, baptized in and unified with the Holy Spirit.

Our Evangelism and Prayer Ministry will connect groups of believers that directly engage the community so that we can address the real needs of its people. We want to pray with you, whether it be over the phone, a quick cup of coffee, or a long term relationship. Whether it be a serious addiction or problem in your life or if day to day life has just got you down we want to be there. Just as importantly, when life is good we want to pray with you and thank God always for His goodness.

If you need prayer or if you desire to know more about God's Word or if you would like to be a part of our evangelistic efforts or join a prayer chain visit the Be a Part page or the Contact Us  page.