His Crowning Glory Ministry

  1 Peter  5:4

Community Groups

Looking to get involved in a close group of believers? Community groups take the idea of Church fellowship to a closer relationship. Each group is made up of a handful of people or families depending on the specific group.

In these groups we seek to build up each member, fellowship, and conduct outreach missions in the community. Bible studies, prayer meetings, and friendly fellowship unite us as believers and strengthen us to our cause. These groups have tendency to build life long friendships and partnerships that help us radiate the Love of God throughout our lives. There is nothing stronger than an encourage and supported believer. We aim to be believers on fire! 

We are simply creating the web of support that every believer needs. It is much easier to do life with other believers. These groups will also provide support for the community in times of need. It is encouraging to go through life with others that know the walk you are taking and can relate to it's joys and hardships.

Going through life disconnected is exactly what Satan wants. He wants us to feel like we are on our own. He wants us to feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the World. (John 16:33)

Don't do life alone. God's original plan for the Church must not be altered we must stand together. We glorify God by coming together and choosing Him above all things.

If you would like to be a part of one of our community groups just visit the Contact Us page, give us your contact information and write us a message with what you are interested in that HCG Ministry has to offer.